Monday’s Mad Moments 12/12/11

I’ve started twice now to write and publish Monday’s Mad Moments and still haven’t       succeeded.  I don’t have anything to complain about, nothing crazy has happened and I have nothing to vent about.  Wow… is this a first?

My Monday was pretty uneventful.  Got up, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down in my office.  I started the daily job search but there wasn’t much out there.  Hopefully something will come along soon.  I’ve got an enormous case of cabin fever!  And about 57 megatons of energy just waiting to explode!  I’m a sure bet for any employer right now.

Going to wrap up this short note as I’ve got to get busy with other stuff and I’ve nothing of importance to say right now.  I just didn’t want to break up the routine of posting.  Sorry for boring you today!!!

Take care,


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